Technical Dates

The pictures are painted with acrylic colors on cardbord.

The size is 50 cm x 70 cm 

You may buy an original without a frame. The prize is Euro 555,-- including tax, packing and shipping outside of Germany there will be an extra charge for shipping which depends on the country it will go to. I will have to evaluate the prize for shipping first.

There might be a possibility to have prints of the pictures (Postersize) but that depends of how many are asking. If there is a asking for it, I will see about prizes. So please understand, that I now canīt give you a prize on this.

Please remember that the paintings where done in the bright australien sun. So the colors my not shine as much on cloudy days or if the painting is in a darker part of a room. If you donīt like the colors any more by getting the painting you may send ist back. The postage ist yours to pay.

But on the other hand a place in sunlight oder a little spotlight will do wonders.

Light and Love