Artist Portrait Birgit Kaul

About me:

I was born in 1942 in Berlin and moved half a year later to Southern Bavaria with my mother and sister. This is where I grew up and Bavaria is what I call my homeplace on this georgious planet.

I have to younger brothers and in this time of the century, parents invested in the education of the sons. So there was no money for my sister or me for having a higher education. So I looked after my own education working with ceramics. I never really worked in this profession but the benefit of the art-education was usefull to me throughout my life. I have painted ever since. My favorit are aquarells and later on painting on silk. I just love the flowing of the colors. Painting with acryl-colors was a whole new experience for me, just as painting energy.

I was working as a guide in Spain, on the Island of Tenerife, when a friend confronted me with Astrology. This became the theme of my life. Since 1972  I studied Astrology. From 1978 – 1980 I studied for 5 semesters at the School of Astrology in Munich and then worked for another 13 semesters at the same school as a teacher. Meanwhile I gave Seminars and Workshops and also founded my family.

So I now have two wonderful grown daughters and a lovly grandchild.

Since I started with Astrology I was also always interessted in all kinds of esoteric and paranormal themes.

At the very moment I put the the tool of Astrology aside, this is why you won´t find a web-site from me on this behalf.

Light and Love