How it came about with these paintings

In March 1997 we gave away and/or sold all our stuff here in Germany and went to Australia. Why Australia? That my dear friends is another long story which I will tell at some other place.

We toured for just about one year with a small campervan and a tent around the continent as I had the wish to have a roof above my head for some time. We where just in an area where some friends lived which we had met on our tour a couple of month earlier. We gave them a call and they where very pleased to have us as guest. They where just about to hit on the road again, this time across the country to Pearth. They offered us the house for as long as we wished to stay or till they came back in about half a year.

So we made ourselfes at home there and enjoyed to have a house for a while and a “real” bed. One day in meditation (at that time we did meditate every day) lots of pictures ran through my head and there was a voice in my head saying: “Paint Energy!” Beeing back in the Here and Now I thought to myself, very funny, how do I paint energy? What a mess was I getting myself into? But just to mention it, it was this inner voice that send us to Australia in the first place. So I thought that I might as well trust it again and just see what happens. 

So it was a wonderful coincidence that our friend had a little atlier next to the house because she was painting sometimes also. So we drove to the next larger city, called by the colorful Aborignie-name Toowoomba (which ist close to Brisbane) and bought colors, brushes and cardboard, just everything I needed for painting.

I forgot the time and the space around me when I started painting. I startet when the light came up and finished at sunset. I would have forgotten to eat but my husband came now and then and asked me, if I wasnīt hungry oder that it was time to go shopping. But as soon as possible I started painting again.

Within five weeks I created a series of paintings, originally there where 44, right now there are less, because I gave some away.

Here we where with our little campervan, cramped allready with all sorts of camping-gear. Where would we put a stack of paintings and not to small ones either? One day shortly after I stopped painting we dicided during breakfeast to go to the States, to Santa Fe in New Mexico.

In the USA we could stay only for three month and then had to leave. Since we wanted to retourn we left some books and the paintings with an aquaintance in Taos. But we couldnīt return as planed. I wrote an e-mail to my friend, asking to send the paintings but somehow the contact didnīt really function and then there was no contact any more. After three years we returned to the States and we went to Taos, but we couldnīt find the friend, nobody remembered him or new where he went to.

I was really sad, thinking that I would see these paintings never again. But then I let go of them, thinking that if that’s their destiny, may it be so. 

Afer another two years I got an e-mail from this friend and just not to loose this contact another time I send him e-mails over e-mails. He said, that there had been troubles in the family but now he was back in the Sante-Fe-area and could send me my paintings. So the paintings came back to me and I was so happy to have them back.

It took another year to put them in the net (I always got the message, not now – which fed me really up at times. The time feels to be alright now and I can show them to you.

Have fun with the paintings. You have also the possibilty to give me a feedback or your comment on the paintings.

The tiltles came to me just the same as the paintings their meaning will be revealed in time, I am sure. Some of the tiltles I still donīt understand.

If I have this theme transformed and will work with it you will find the information in this web-site.

Light and Love